Whoopi Goldberg Once Again Chimes Even More Insane Takes Now Targeting Children

This past Thursday, Whoopi Goldberg put forth the suggestion that it would not be a bad thing to force Critical Race Theory onto children, making the argument that maybe white children actually deserved to be made to feel like oppressors if learning about history made them feel bad about the events.

Goldberg issued these statements as part of the Thursday morning episode of “The View,” a midday talk show hosted on ABC — and while she pressed harder to insist that a number of elements of Critical Race Theory were not being taught to small children, she suggested that conservative objectives to the teachings were entirely misplaced.

Republican co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin made use of the new topic of conversation as a means to go after Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), claiming that his efforts to stop certain bits of an African American Studies class were the very same thing as just “erasing history” of all black Americans and exclaiming those school kids in Florida would not end up being taught about slavery or about the events of the American Civil War.

DeSantis has, however, made it crystal clear that the kids of Florida will still be taught history and expressed just why he made the move to put a stop to the course, claiming, “They’re advocating things like abolishing prisons. Now that’s a radical political position. You’re free to take that in your own life, I don’t think very many people think that would actually work, but how is that being taught as fact? … That is more ideology being used under the guise of history, and we want to do history.”


Griffin put a hard line between the outright banning of African American history — which she doubled down on her claim that it was DeSantis’ goal — and banning the practice of Critical Race Theory from dripping down into the lower grades and eroding them, but Goldberg outright refused to let her make her statement and shouted down that CRT was not actually being taught anywhere.

Goldberg then went on to state that there was absolutely zero validity to the complaints being made — mostly from people on the Right —  about the dangers of CRT and the idea that it painted all white people as evil “oppressors,” arguing that if history made people feel bad about who they were then maybe they should actually just feel bad.

“Think about this: if you’re so concerned that your children — and particularly I’m talking about white children because that’s the conversation that they seem to be having — if you’re so concerned that white children are going to feel bad because history happened and they happen to be white, how do you think black kids are feeling?” she questioned. “The reason that black history has come into the zeitgeist, the reason that Asian history has come into the zeitgeist, the reason that any other history than English-American history is because nobody was represented.”

“That’s why this history is coming, and the great thing about America has always been, yeah, we know we step in it, but we try to step back from it,” stated Goldberg, making the claim that Republicans were just attempting to stop the country from taking a step back while they attempting to “erase” people.



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