Ban Slammed Against Woke DEI Requirements At University Of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina (UNC) has recently issued an announcement highlighting its place to stand against woke culture, seeking to ban the highly controversial so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) requirements that have invaded the hiring and promotion processes in the school.

The Board of Governors for the university reportedly finalized a vote late last week in which they secured the ban, following extreme pressure from Color Us United, a non-profit group that was created to speak out “against those who want to divide America.”

UNC “shall neither solicit nor require an employee or applicant for academic admission or employment to affirmatively ascribe to or opine about beliefs, affiliations, ideals, or principles regarding matters of contemporary political debate or social action as a condition to admission, employment, or professional advancement,” stated the resolution, going on to add that employees and applicants can not “be solicited or required to describe his or her actions in support of, or in opposition to, such beliefs, affiliations, ideals, or principles.”

A petition sent in from Color Us United which has been directed at Dr. Wesley Burks, the Dean of the UNC School of Medicine, went after UNC for its “indulgence of wokeness and DEI in the North Carolina medical system.”

“It makes me feel like I am part of a radical social experiment, rather than a patient to be trusted and cared for,” stated the petition. “As Dean of the Medical School, you have the power to put an end to wokeness in your hospital system. I humbly ask that you do the right thing and revoke the ‘Task Force to Integrate Social Justice.’”

“We also urge you to be transparent about the changes in standards to become a medical student,” it went on. “North Carolinians should know if UNC is enabling medical residents to become doctors — even if they do not pass important medical exams and successfully perform in Resident training.”

Kenny Xu, the President of Color Us United, expressed to the outlet Fox News Digital that the group believes in the creation of a “race blind, meritocratic society with high standards.”

“When we saw wokeness and DEI infiltrating the medical profession, that’s when we became concerned because medicine is the one place where everybody knows, liberals, conservatives, independents, that you need the most qualified doctor to get the best outcome,” stated Xu. “When diversity, equity and inclusion says, ‘No, you need doctors of a certain race’ or ‘No, we need to be teaching things from the lens of social justice rather than the biological practice of medicine,’ that’s when we got concerned.”



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