Betsy DeVos Calls Out Teachers Union In Explosive Defense Of Parent’s Rights

Betsy DeVos, the former Secretary of Education, took to social media to go up against the National Education Association, making the argument that parents were more properly equipped than anyone else to determine what would work best for their kids.

This battle kicked off when the NEA — as the largest labor union throughout the entire United States — made the claim in a post this past Saturday that those in professional education knew “better than anyone” else just what kids needed so they could learn and grow.

“Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and thrive,” exclaimed the tweet.

DeVos fired back, “You misspelled parents.”

In response, the union attempted to quickly snap back, making the claim that their entire goal was for those in education to get along with and work alongside parents as a team to make sure that all students were getting the necessary “resources and opportunities” which would provide the most optimal environment for learning possible.

“Together, families and educators are an essential team for advocating for the resources and opportunities all students need,” they expressed prior to attacking DeVos directly. “Out-of-touch billionaires, however, are not.”

The quick clap back from DeVos to this attack seemed to set the mod that has been echoed by the average American citizen throughout recent elections as a large number of school boards across the country quickly flipped to Republican-leaning in the wake of the midterm elections from Tuesday.

Parents became much more involved in the meetings of the school board throughout and in the wake of the COVID pandemic, pushing back against the COVID-related masking mandates and draconian lockdown procedures along with fully sounding the alarm in regard to worries about the curriculum in the aftermath of the virtual learning process which brought a number of issues being studied by the kids directly back into their homes and their parent’s supervision.

A number of parents put forth quite a bit of pushback against the teacehrs union after the group tried to keep virtual learning in place for quite some time after it became common knowledge that it was doing far, far more harm than good for the kids — most notably when speaking about the mental health of the children — and in what seems to be an effort to finally silence the protests from parents, the National School Board Association called on the United States Justice Department to act as though any parents who went to the meetings as though they were actually full scale “domestic terrorists.”


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