Biden Gets Even More Bizarre Trying To Answering Three Questions – WATCH

President Joe Bidens recent Cabinet meeting left reporters and Americans alike scratching their heads in confusion, with the commanderinchief making a series of puzzling remarks that seem to contradict reality.

The first question posed to the president was about how best to communicate a message to the Russians regarding the explosion of a dam in Ukraine. Bidens response?Were not leaving, were going to help Ukraine.

Appearing to affirm the U.S. presence in Ukraine, the response may leave some wondering whether they missed a critical announcement or if the president perhaps failed to communicate the countrys current military status.

Next up was a question on how Biden intended to commemorate DDay, one of the most significant days in the nations history. Responses were typically observed across the country and abroad, though not from the American leader.Its coming, was the presidents bewilderingly vague response.

Making matters even more confusing, Bidens official statement did not arrive until 6 p.m. EST, hours after the question was posed. This follows last year when he failed to observe the day at all, a lapse of memory that he seemed to have repeated for the second year in a row.

Finally, the president was asked about the PGA/Live golf merger, which has ignited controversy given the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Funds involvement. Bidens bizarre response came in the form of a golf swing gesture and an audibleI plan on being a PGA.

The lack of a direct answer here is even more perplexing given that Biden and the Democrats were highly outspoken last year regarding the Saudis complicity in the death of Jamal Khashoggi, to the point of calling Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman a murderer to his face.

Not to mention, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby only added to the confusion as he refused to answer on the U.S.s position on the matter, instead telling reporters tolet the Saudi government speak to that.

Unsurprisingly, the presidents mercurial responses sparked criticism across the political aisle, with many joining forces in taking the president to task for his skipping of the important DDay commemoration.

Going by his responses, it appears that Joe Bidens priorities lie with a celebratory proclamation of Pride Month and financial interests in foreign countries, rather than the nations most solemn holidays and observances. This does not bode well for the future, and we urge the president to communicate more effectively and thoughtfully to the press and the American people.


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