Well Look Who Alexander Soros Just Met With

Alex Soros, the son of liberal billionaire George Soros, continues to have access to the highest levels of President Biden‘s White House and has frequently taken advantage of the connections.

According to the latest White House Visitor Logs released Tuesday, Alex has visited the White House at least 17 times since 2021. It is not known who he‘s met with for the sessions¬†since the logs often list White House staff who book appointments, meet guests and lead them to other personnel.

The record shows the most recent visits included stops with people such as Jon Finer, the principal deputy national security adviser, and Jordan Finkelstein, special assistant to the president and chief of staff for senior Biden adviser Anita Dunn. A White House official previously revealed to Fox News Digital that two of Alex‘s past visits were with former Biden chief of staff Ron Klain, who is not included in the logs.

Alex is the board chairman of his father‘s Open Society Foundations network¬†and is heavily involved in liberal politics. He often boasts on social media of his meetings with top Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, posting pictures of himself with Schumer with the hashtag “#voteblue and calling Pelosithe greatest Speaker of the House in American history.”

According to Federal Elections Commission records, Alex has donated nearly $6 million to federal political coffers since the 2018 elections. The donations include $2 million to the Schumeraligned Senate Majority PAC and over $700,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in 2020. He‘s also pushed hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund, the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Alex has also given tens of thousands to state Democratic parties and individual campaigns, many of which are maximum contributions.

Given the number of visits to the White House and his financial contributions to what seem to be favored political interests, it appears that the younger Soros is a driving force behind the Democratic party‘s efforts this election season. It will be interesting to watch his role to see if his influence continues to grow in the Biden administration.


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