Biden Interview Gets Awkward

President Joe Biden reportedly started to ‘bug’ out during a rare interview that aired early Wednesday while avoiding a question about why he has yet to declare the climate a national emergency.

The Commander-in-Chief, long accused of being overly touchy, reach out to brush an insect off meteorologist Stephanie Abrams’ chest, creating an awkward moment during a chat on The Weather Channel.

Abrams asked Biden why he hasn’t declared climate change as a national emergency and Biden quickly dodged the question by citing his previous accomplishments, such as “ably joining the Paris Climate Accord, passing the $360 billion climate control plant, and many other actions he has taken to counter this existential threat”.

However, despite being reminded of the current status of his yet-to-be-declared emergency about climate change, Biden responded with, “Practical speaking, yes, I have already done that”.

At that moment, the 80-year-old noticed an insect on Abrams’ suit jacket and said, “Oh, you’ve got a bug on you.” Quickly he brushed the intruder off Abrams’ chest and the interviewer, in an attempt to shift the focus back to the conversation, said, “Thanks, appreciate it”.

The incident stirred debates outside the studio among viewers who recalled of Biden’s promises made back in 2019, in which he had pledged to be more mindful of personal space and keep his cool while interacting.

After being accused of inappropriate hugs, rubs, and caresses–by multiple women–the President had claimed that the “social norms” had changed and hence, the altercations towards him.

Live on-air, the anchors of The Weather Channel’s “America’s Morning Headquarters” were quick to bound faced back the President by presenting facts describing the fact that “despite requests from some Democratic leaders, the President has not yet declared a national climate emergency”.

At this juncture, Biden has neither addressed his “bugging out” moment nor the demands of his critics, including the Democratic House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, to declare an emergency on the climate.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that the ex-Vice President could use the upcoming Earth Day–April 22–to declare climate change a national emergency.

Time will tell how this political controversy unspools, and if Biden will soon make the much-awaited announcement of the climate emergency.


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