Biden Meets With Israeli President & The Cameras Were Rolling

President Joe Biden welcomed the president of Israel, Isaac Herzog, to the White House on Tuesday, but it was Biden’s behavior that created the biggest buzz.

During a photo opportunity with members of the press, Biden told Herzog that he doesn’t remember “two-thirds” of the 75 years since Israel was established.

Biden then proceeded to make remarks as he glanced from time-to-time at notes that he apparently had prepared for him in his lap.

The meeting raised eyebrows, as Democrats on Capitol Hill such as Representatives Pramila Jayapal, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have smeared Israel with false accusations. In addition, Biden and his administration have been accused of snubbing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by not inviting him to the White House for a visit.

Florida Governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, a strong ally of Netanyahu, has strongly condemned the Biden administration for their actions.

“What this Biden administration has done, I think, has been disgraceful,” DeSantis said. “The way they treat a strong ally like Prime Minister Netanyahu has been disgraceful.”

Though the White House and Biden Administration have defended their actions towards Israel, many conservatives are concerned that this is indicative of the Biden administration’s bias against the Middle East’s strongest U.S. ally.

Jeff Ballabon, a CEO and strategic advisor to policymakers, expressed his views to Fox News saying, “The Biden camp’s diminished attention and enthusiasm for Israel is causing real damage to our alliances, which cannot be mended easily. Israel is the bulwark of the free world in the Middle East, and it is critical that American leaders provide enthusiastic support, not reduce the alliance to second-class status.”

The tension and apprehension that has been created as a result of the Biden administration’s actions will need to be addressed and rectified. It is imperative for the President and his administration to set an example of a strong ally relationship in order to reassure citizens, lawmakers, and foreign allies that the U.S. supports Israel wholeheartedly.


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