Bucks County School Board Meeting Gets Intens

The Central Bucks School District is in the midst of a heated debate. And that debate just got even more heated on Tuesday night, when a man attending a school board meeting reportedly picked up a folding chair.

The controversy began when an ACLU complaint was lodged alleging harassment and bullying of LGBTQ students. The district initially decided to lawyer up and taxpayers were set to foot the bill.

During a Tuesday night board meeting, controversy reached the boiling point when a man, who turned out to be the husband of one board member, allegedly picked up a folding chair.

Witnesses told Fox News that the man was upset after another member of the public had made accusations against a minority board member. He then allegedly threw some papers at the man, who was seated in the audience.

That’s when the man reportedly picked up the chair. Video of the incident shows people shouting “deadly weapon, the chair!” as if the man was holding a weapon.

The man was removed from the meeting but was not arrested or cited. He declined to press charges against the other man.

The salient question now is: What is going on in Central Bucks schools? The behavior exhibited Tuesday night is unbecoming of a school district and sets a poor example for the students involved.

The district must take steps to ensure that its members respect each other and that the students are not exposed to inappropriate behavior. Anything less would be a disservice to the students and taxpayers.

It is essential that the Central Bucks School District takes control of this situation and ensures that future meetings are conducted in a respectful manner. The stakes are too high for this kind of behavior to be tolerated, and all parties involved must be held accountable.

The residents of Central Bucks deserve answers, and the school board will have to do its part to provide them. Action must be taken quickly, or else this already tumultuous situation could spiral out of control.


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