Collins Explains Comments After They Go Viral

The New York Democratic congressional candidate Paula Collins, running against GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik in New York’s 21st congressional district, sparked controversy this week by suggesting that “MAGA” supporters should attend a “re-education camp” after the 2024 election, even in the event of a Democratic victory.

Collins made the remarks during a public Zoom Townhall, acknowledging that the term “re-education camp” might be contentious and suggesting it could be phrased differently.

Collins later clarified her comments in an email to Fox News Digital, explaining that her call for “re-education” was about addressing a perceived decline in civics education. “We currently have lawmakers, including Rep. Elise Stefanik, who misquote or misunderstand the law,” Collins stated. She emphasized the need for widespread civics education to ensure citizens understand the distinctions between state and federal court systems.

Collins criticized Stefanik’s understanding of legal matters, pointing to the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against former President Trump, in which Trump was found guilty of falsifying business records. Collins argued that Stefanik’s response to the case reflected a lack of basic civics knowledge and respect for New York’s state supreme court system.

Alex DeGrasse, a senior advisor to Elise Stefanik, condemned Collins’ comments, stating they would be offensive to many Republicans.

“This radical New York City Democrat Socialist who literally is renting a bed and breakfast room in NY-21 was caught on tape saying she wants to force Trump voters through ‘re-education camps,’” DeGrasse said. He predicted that Stefanik would defeat Collins by a significant margin in the upcoming election.

DeGrasse also highlighted Collins’ background, noting that she has lived in New York City until the spring of 2024 and currently rents a room in Canton, N.Y., to establish residency in the district. Collins is a cannabis tax attorney based in New York City, where she operates the Law Office of Paula Collins, PLLC.

This controversy has added fuel to the already heated race in New York’s 21st congressional district, highlighting the stark political and ideological divides between the candidates and their supporters.


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