Cookie Company Responds To Social Media Post

Last Crumb, a popular cookie company based in Los Angeles, received backlash on social media over the holiday weekend for its controversial Easter-themed posts. The company, known for its oversized cookies, sparked controversy with Instagram and TikTok posts that some users deemed disrespectful and offensive.

In one Instagram post, Last Crumb shared a black and white image featuring a large cookie placed on what appeared to be an empty rock-cut tomb, with the caption “Cookies worth resurrecting for… Happy Easter.” The post received mixed reactions, with some users expressing their disappointment and vowing to unfollow the company, while others saw it as a light-hearted and creative marketing strategy.

One user commented, “Yall would never post something like this for any other religion’s holiday‚Ķ” to which Last Crumb replied, “Watch us.” Another user wrote, “When a company loses all respect over one disrespectful post. Unfollowed.” To which Last Crumb responded, “We’re consistent, if nothing else.”

The controversy continued on Last Crumb’s TikTok account, where they shared a similar resurrection-themed video that received over 222,000 views. The video depicted a chocolate chip cookie rolling to uncover the inside of a rock-cut tomb, with the caption “Cookies worth resurrecting for.” The company was met with mixed reactions, with some users finding the post humorous and others finding it offensive.

As the backlash against the company grew, Last Crumb’s response was to double down on their controversial posts. The company wrote in one of their comments, “We’re consistent, if nothing else.” In another comment, they stated, “But what did you expect from this brand though? Lots of their posts are disrespectful anyway. It’s their branding. This isn’t a shock. It’s expected.”

In addition to its Easter posts, Last Crumb also faced criticism for the high price point of its cookies. The company’s selection of gourmet cookies starts at $90 for a half dozen and $140 for a dozen, making them some of the most expensive cookies in the world, according to their website.

Last Crumb even poked fun at its own pricing with an April Fools’ Day post promoting a $12,000 mystery box of cookies. However, the company provided a coupon code that drastically reduced the cost, raising further questions about the true value of their products.

Despite the mixed reactions and controversy surrounding their Easter posts, Last Crumb showed no signs of backing down. The company wrote on Instagram, “Yes, they’re that good. Yes, this is problematic. Happy Easter!” This continued defiance, paired with their high prices, may further alienate some of the company’s supporters and have a negative impact on its customer base.

FOX Business reached out to Last Crumb for comment on the controversy but did not receive a response. It remains to be seen if the company will issue a formal statement addressing the backlash and addressing any potentially offensive nature of their posts. Only time will tell what the lasting effects of this controversy will be for Last Crumb and its reputation in the eyes of the public.


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