Hochul Responds To Report

New York Governor Kathy Hochul faced backlash and criticism after her appearance at the wake for slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller did not go as expected. Videos that surfaced on social media showed the Governor being confronted by upset NYPD officers and one man reportedly telling her that Diller’s blood was on her hands. This led to Hochul leaving the gathering early to the applause of some of the cops in attendance.

When asked about the confrontation by the media the following day, Hochul gave a different version of events. The Governor denied being told to leave the wake and claimed that the family was “welcoming.” She also stated that she would attend again because it was her job, despite acknowledging that everyone in attendance was “distraught and angry.”

It is worth noting that while Hochul denied being told to leave, she did not address the comment about Diller’s blood being on her hands. It is clear that there was tension and animosity between the Governor and some of the officers present at the wake. However, it is unclear if the family or the police officers were the ones who were welcoming or angry about Hochul’s presence.

In an attempt to explain her actions at the wake, Hochul said that her team was informed that the family was welcoming and told them to come. It is unknown who specifically gave this information and if any contact was made with the family before the Governor arrived. Hochul also mentioned that she had spoken to the widow at the wake, but did not clarify if she was referring to the family or the police.

One of the controversial moments of Hochul’s appearance was cutting in front of a long line of people waiting to pay their respects to Officer Diller. This was seen as being disrespectful and selfish, especially considering the situation. However, it is unclear if the Governor was motivated by her discomfort with the upset police officers or if she simply felt her time was more valuable.

The tension between Hochul and law enforcement is not a new issue. The Governor has previously talked about making changes to the bail reform laws that led to Officer Diller’s death but has not taken any concrete action.

This has caused continued frustration among the police community, who are now calling on Hochul to repeal these laws as a way to honor Officer Diller’s memory. However, it is unsure if the Governor will take this opportunity to repair her relationship with law enforcement.

In the end, Officer Diller’s wake was meant to be a somber and respectful event to honor his life and sacrifice. Unfortunately, it became a display of the division and animosity between Hochul and the police community. While the Governor denies being told to leave and claims that she was welcome by the family, the videos and reports from the wake show a different story.

It is unclear if Hochul’s actions at the wake, including cutting in line and her lack of action regarding bail reform, will have any impact on her relationship with law enforcement going forward.


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