Dems Say Hunter Selling ‘Illusion’ Of Access

The recent testimony of businessman Devon Archer to the House Oversight Committee has revealed that, over the last decade or more, Joe Biden, now the President of the United States, met and spoke with Hunter Biden’s international business associates in hopes of procuring consulting deals.

The facts of the story have cast Hunter Biden in an unflattering light – that of an illusionist, able to convince those that he dealt with that he had access to the highest levels of political influence, when in fact he did not.

Despite the potentially nefarious nature of the dealings, the “illusion of access” defense has been embraced by the Democratic Party to explain away any possibility of corrupt or criminally-linked activity on the part of both Joe and Hunter Biden.

Hunter is portrayed as a con man, foolishly duplicitous in his attempts to convince his clients that he had influence, rather than a conduit to his father’s potential selling out of America.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, is being cast as an admirable parent, one who supposedly loves his son so much that he will do anything for him, even if it means running the risk of being linked to potentially criminal behavior.

That narrative was reinforced this week by the New York Times, who shared a Pulitzer Prize for their involvement in pushing the fraudulent “Russiagate” narrative involving the Steele Dossier, and now much of the mainstream press is seizing on the “illusion of access” defense as the explanation for the apparent connections between Joe and Hunter Biden.

What was once being strenuously denied by Joe Biden has now become fully admitted – that he did, in fact, talk and meet with Hunter’s associates, despite the fact that all indications were to the contrary.

Crucially, the Hunter Biden influence-peddling scandal can no longer simply be waved away as the product of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” or dismissed as a racist “smear” against Biden.

The evidence is voluminous, and the “illusion of access” defense, for all of its gaudy complexity and artful sidestepping, fails to address the question of the millions of dollars that poured from Burisma to the Biden family bank accounts through all the years of “illusion.”

Or, for that matter, the Suspicious Activity Reports that kept popping up.

Independent voters may yet maintain their support of Joe Biden for a time, so steeped are they in the propaganda of the last four years, yet cracks in the narrative are beginning to develop, and with them the questions of whether the Biden family has been taking advantage of Joe’s position for personal and financial gain and, ultimately, who will bear the consequences.


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