Former Executive For Twitter Takes Odd Stance About New Transparency Policies From New CEO Elon Musk

This past Friday evening, the former head of trust and safety for Twitter claimed that new CEO Elon Musk was directly endangering the lives of various ex-employees by unveiling a series of internal company correspondences which show just how the company’s former employees overtly censored conservatives in general and targeted a negative news story regarding the son of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The former Sr. Director, Head of Trust & Safety for Twitter, Yoel Roth, was the one to air his complaints concerning the choice of Musk to make public a series of internal company communications via journalist Matt Taibbi regarding the censorship from the company of the Hunter Biden laptop story out of the New York Post throughout the presidential election fo 2020.

A social media post from Taibbi highlighted a series of screenshots showing that officials from the company were in fairly constant contact with groups of Democrats and censored bits of content that most Democrats sought to remove.

“Publicly posting the names and identities of front-line employees involved in content moderation puts them in harm’s way and is a fundamentally unacceptable thing to do,”

Musk claimed that he chose to make public the information because it was entirely “necessary to restore public trust” in the socia media titan after it heavily censored everything about the Hunter Biden story.

One of the social media posts highlighted by Taibbi showed that Democrats quickly flagged posts from James Woods, a well-known conservative actor, to the content moderation team of Twitter for removal. 

Woods was sitting alongside Fox News host Tucker Carlson as Taibbi made the internal communications from Twitter public.

“I’ve been a target of these people for six years. They have destroyed my career,” stated Woods. “They have destroyed my livelihood. They’ve destroyed my faith in this country that my family has defended in the military since the Revolutionary War.”

“I can guarantee you one thing, more than anything else you’ll ever hear in your life, I will be getting a lawyer. I will be suing the Democratic National Committee. No matter what, whether I win or lose, I am going to stand up for the rights of every American,” he stated. “I’m not a celebrity, I’m hardly recognizable anymore because my career has been destroyed by these very people.”

“If I have to be the flag-bearer for this, then so be it. I’ll be proud to do it,” tacked on Woods. “The government of the United States conspired to take my free speech and throw it in the gutter. And there’s something that they should fear more than anything they have ever imagined in their wildest dreams. The most dangerous man, these corrupt, vile vermin is an American, who’s not afraid of him, and Joe Biden, and all those rats who work with you at the DNC, to close down my speech, I am not afraid of you. And I’m coming for you.”



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