Former White House Press Secretary Calls Out Trump For Recent Attacks

Kayleigh McEnany, a former White House Press Secretary, failed to say that former President Donald Trump, previously her boss, should go out and campaign for Senate candidate Herschel Walker (R-GA) prior to the scheduled run-off election for December.

McEnany spoke out about the issue while attending a Wednesday evening broadcast of “outnumbered,” a midday panel show for Fox news, in which she explained to co-host Harris Faulkner that Floridian governor Ron DeSantis (R) “should be welcomed” and told her ex-boss to not get tempted to issue any announcements regarding any possible 2024 presidential election campaigns until at least the end of 2022.


“Every ounce of Republican energy, every last ounce, needs to go into that Georgia race because it could potentially be what makes or breaks the Senate, getting Herschel Walker over the finish line,” expressed McEnany, going further, “I know there’s a temptation to talk about 2024. No, no, no. 2022 is not over. Every Republican energy needs to go to grinding the Biden agenda to a halt.”

Faulkner attempted to shoot back, asking, “Does that include Trump?”

“I think he needs to put it on pause, absolutely,” claimed McEnany, but she noted that Trump will most likely ignore her advice. “He will make his own decision.”

McEnany also tried to make it quite clear that she believed her advice was both good and in good faith for all Republicans who were toying with the idea of announcing a presidential run for 2024 — including DeSantis — claiming that they should at least wait until the end of the year with the 2022 elections being fully packed up prior to issuing any new announcement of that nature.

The trailing questions from Faulkner attempted to address just whether or not MCEnany thought that Trump should make a plan to assist in the campaigning for Walker — who he previously endorsed in his battle to unseat incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) — and McEnany refused to give a straight and plain answer to the question.

She chose to instead speak about the blowout win for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in which she said, “I think Governor DeSantis should be welcomed given what happened last night. You have to look at the realities on the ground. We have to win the Senate. That’s it. Got to win the Senate.”

Former President Trump is currently expected to potentially announce a run for the 2024 presidential campaign during an Ohio Rally a few days ago held in support of Senator-elect J.D. Vance– but at the time he stated that he wished to keep the focus on taking wins for the midterm elections, and instead highlighted a promise to make a “big announcement” on November 15th at his home in Mar-a-Lago.



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