Hawley Sets Trap For Biden Nominee, Takes No Prisoners – WATCH

A Biden judicial nominee was brought to a speechless halt on Wednesday after being questioned on her defense of the restrictive policies of the mayor of Washington D.C, Muriel Bowser.

Loren L. AliKhan, Biden‘s judicial nominee, found herself defending her client on the case of Capitol Hill Baptist Church vs. Bowser. This case was taken forward by the church, as it sued the city for the restrictions imposed on religious ceremonies, with outdoor worship taking particular attention. Although the city denied the church a waiver, it was found to be promoting and supporting largescale protests in the aftermath of George Floyd‘s death in 2020.

Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri asked AliKhan about the results of the ongoing case. Which, she wholly accepted it to be lost, citing that the restrictions could not pass the standard of strict scrutiny.

Hawley further pressed on by asking if the mayor of D.C. had gone against the constitutional rights of the people.

Meaning they were unconstitutional?” Hawley asked. AliKhan answered in the affirmative, stating the matter to be a public record, one that the District of Columbia had chosen not to question further.

The exchange of words between the two, which lasted for almost a minute, had brought to light the disregard and negligence for the Constitution by the very people who are expected to protect it. While it was not confirmed whether the City of Washington D.C. had particularly violated the constitutional rights of the church, it had definitely raised a possible suspicion towards the necessary care of citizens and their unhinged rights.

A few members of the City Council, including the deputy mayor, did not respond to Fox News request for comment. In spite of the lack of words, it is safe to say that this hearing has raised the necessary suspicion and has started the needful conversation on the topic of constitutional rights. Whether the City of D.C will face the music for its violations remains mere speculation, but one thing is certain the hearing has sent the necessary jolt to the police department.


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