Hochul Apologizes After Statement

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is facing criticism and calls for her resignation after making a controversial remark about young black children in the Bronx. Hochul made the comment at a forum in California on Monday, stating that “young black kids growing up in the Bronx don’t even know what the word ‘computer’ is”. The comment was widely condemned as racist and out of touch with reality, prompting the governor to issue an apology and clarification.

In a statement issued later that evening, Governor Hochul said she regretted her comment and acknowledged that she had misspoken. She attempted to clarify that she was trying to highlight her focus on increasing economic opportunities for children in the Bronx, which has the highest rate of poverty in New York City. However, her apology has failed to appease residents and lawmakers, who have strongly criticized her remark and called for her to do better.

Assemblywoman Karines Reyes, a Bronx Democrat, said she was “deeply disturbed” by the governor’s words and the underlying perception she seems to have of minority children in the borough. She added that children in the Bronx are “bright, brilliant, extremely capable, and more than deserving” of any opportunities extended to other kids.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman John Zaccaro said Governor Hochul’s comment “undercuts the abilities and aspirations” of Bronx children and emphasized their intelligence and resilience.

Democratic Assemblywoman Amanda Septimo invited Governor Hochul to visit the Bronx and “experience firsthand the intelligence, resilience, and joy that radiate from Bronx children and residents each day”.

Social media users also joined in on the criticism, with some accusing Hochul of being “detached from reality” and “out of touch” with underprivileged communities. Others called her comment “racist” and even labeled her a “delusional sociopath”. Some pointed out the language as an example of “soft bigotry” and called for the governor’s resignation.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, a Bronx politician, did come to Governor Hochul’s defense, stating that while her words were “inartful and hurtful”, he doesn’t believe that is where her heart is. He added that he firmly believes she wants all students to excel and that they should work together to bring greater access to technology for Bronx children. The governor’s $400 million AI initiative was also brought into question, with critics saying it shows a clear disconnect between the realities of poverty and access to education and resources in the Bronx.

Governor Hochul’s gaffe has sparked a conversation about systemic issues and disparities faced by underprivileged communities, particularly in education and access to technology. Many have criticized her for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and failing to acknowledge the potential and intelligence of children in the Bronx. The governor’s spokesperson issued a statement later on Tuesday, saying that Hochul “fully recognizes the talent and potential of kids in the Bronx and throughout New York” and that she will continue to work towards providing equal opportunities for all.

As criticism continues to pour in, Governor Hochul has yet to make any further comments on the issue. However, the backlash and calls for her to do better and take concrete action to address systemic issues and disparities in the Bronx are likely to persist. The incident has also sparked a larger conversation about racism and education, with many questioning how the governor’s remark reflects on her understanding of and commitment to addressing issues faced by marginalized communities.


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