Hot Take From Trans Group Sparks Extreme Response

One radical-left transgender group is now facing some fairly extreme backlash in the wake of releasing a series of highly controversial statements about the tragic school shooting which took place in Nashville on Monday where a transgender person killed a total of six people, including three young kids, at a Christian school.

A statement from the Trans Resistance Network (TRN) read that they expressed their “deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers” to the families of those that were hurt in the shooting.

The group then continued on to claim that the killer in this tragedy had been forced to feel that they “had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others, and by consequence,” themselves. Later in the comments, the group claimed, “Hate has consequences.”

The group demanded that the national newsgroups “respect the self-identified pronouns of transgender individuals who come across your desk.”

After facing some fairly extreme backlash across a number of social media platforms, the group locked its Twitter account so that people could not access the comments that it made.

The news of this came as Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake explained to reporters this past Tuesday that the 28-year-old murderer had been getting care for an “emotional disorder.”

Drake explained to reporters that the shooter, a woman that apparently identified as a man, was under the care of a doctor for a number of undisclosed disorders, going on add that “law enforcement knew nothing about treatment.” A source known to be close to the family explained to The Daily Beast that the shooter had been highly autistic but was also labeled as “high-functioning.”

It had been discovered that the shooter had legally bought a total of seven guns from five different stores, according to a statement from police. Her parents, who claimed that they did not want her to own any sort of weapon, did acknowledge that they knew that she had previously sold a firearm but did not know that she had bought a few others. The shooter was reportedly keeping the weapons hidden inside of her parent’s home.


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