In Front Of Marines Joe Peddles His Worst Lie

In an exclusive video obtained by Fox News, President Joe Biden was caught confusing the location of his son‘s death during a visit with US forces stationed in Japan.

When speaking to troops on Thursday, the President stated that Beau Biden, his late son who passed away from brain cancer in 2015, had perished in Iraq. In reality, Beau was never in Iraq and had serviced in the Army at home rather than overseas.

The press corps, already facing strained access issues, were kept far from the conversation, allowing the false statement to pass relatively unaccounted for. It was only when Fox News obtained the video proof that the attention was brought to the Presidents error.

This is not the first instance of Biden making this mistake. As recently as last October, Biden alluded to Beaus death in Iraq and restated that the Biden family had lost him there the following month.

Analysis of Bidens repeated mistake reveal that it could be an appeal to elicit sympathy or even invitations to attack him so he can display his selfproclaimedGold Star parent status. His attempts of a false connection could be seen as a way of using Beaus memory to his own political gain, an action that many would see as shameless and highly disrespectful.

This statement comes as Biden is set to mark the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, honoring a promise made by former President Barack Obama. Thirteen of our soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul, and Biden spoke with the families of those who died. In doing this, its clear that Biden was attempting to channel the grief and respect of those Americans to further his own agenda however, it spoke volumes that he was unable to resist utilizing his deceased son in an attempt to fabricate his perspective of patriotism and experience.

The White House press office issued no official response to the statement, and Biden has yet to retract or apologize for his words.

Ultimately, its clear that Bidens remarks on his son Beau have deeply offended those who have lost loved ones in battle, and it appears that the President may be using his own personal story to evoke an inappropriate emotional response.

As Biden attempts to maneuver his own popularity and agendas, an apology and correction seem only fair to the servicemen and women of the United States.


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