Reporter Busted, Didn’t Realize Camera Was Rolling

The political playing field of the 2024 Presidential Election is starting to take shape, and the contentious reporterpolitician dynamic is becoming a central theme.

Yesterday, reporter Tara Palmeri of Puck News (formerly of Politico) released a hit piece on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, alleging that heran from her hardhitting questions and wasnot ready for primetime.

But the DeSantis camp is pushing back against the characterization, releasing a video that shows exactly what happened (or, as Team DeSantis put it, what Palmeri was doing). The video shows Palmeri chasing DeSantis down the stairs of a building, bearing down on him with unrelenting questions.

Rather than be intimidated, though, DeSantis simply opted to ignore her.

DeSantis supporters are right to question whether its fair to judge a politician by their willingness to fall in line with the typical reporter narrative. A politicians fortitude should be measured by his performance in office, not by whether or not he or she pleases an individual reporter.

Indeed, DeSantis has a track record of success in Florida, having recently won the state by a 20point margin. And far from simply pandering to his constituents, its a record that includes signing a number of hardfought pieces of legislation.

Unfortunately for those looking for fairness and balance in the media, Palmeri doesnt seem to hold Joe Biden to the same standard. When challenged on why hes not required to answer questions, Palmeri blamed Bidens supposedstutter.

This assertion isnt even close to correct. Bidens issues are not caused by astutter, as videos of his recent trip to Japan demonstrate.

Whats more, Palmeris article was subsequently shared by the Trump war room in an attempt to attack DeSantis. While Trump obviously has a vested interest in the 2024 election, this strategy isnt likely to serve the former president well in the long run.

At the end of the day, DeSantis record in office speaks for itself. He shouldnt be judged by his willingness to give in to the harassment of reporters. He should be judged on how well hes served the people of Florida, and by all accounts, hes done a spectacular job.


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