Large Bomb Discovered Stashed Behind Catholic Church In Philadelphia Next To Railroad Tracks

A massive 18-inch pipe bomb was the factor that kicked off a massive investigation and forced a response by local bomb squad authorities to investigate the area after it was found in the read of a Catholic church this past Sunday in Philadelphia by someone who was walking by.

Officials out of the Philadelphia Police Department explained to one of the local Fox news affiliates that a nearby third-party discovered a large PVC pipe with caps secured on both ends and filled with black powder between a church and a set of Conrail train tracks situated behind St. Dominic’s Catholic Church justly slightly prior to 1:30 p.m. in the Holmesburg area of the city of Philadelphia.

Area authority figures quickly shut down the roads and alleys in the surrounding area while the town’s bomb squad was called in to quickly secure and remove the large pipe bomb before transporting it back to the police headquarters.

In a statement that was recently released, the area officials reported that there had been no injuries discovered in relation to the bomb incident.

The church involved with this incident, St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, has reportedly not answered any requests for further information or comments.

Authorities were alerted to the finding of this pipe bomb just a single day in the wake of Auxiliary Bishop of the Los Angeles David O’Connell being attacked and shot dead while inside of his own home located in the Los Angeles County suburb of Hacienda Heights late this past Saturday afternoon.

The Sheriff’s department for the county of Los Angeles stated on Sunday that they were making sure to look into the issue and authorities investigating the death of O’Connell are carrying out procedures as though it is a murder investigation, explained one spokesperson to media outlets.


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