New York City-Run Clinics Kick Off Crazy Program As Lawsuits Rage Over ‘Dangerous’ FDA Approved Drugs

Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City, has stated as of this past Tuesday that a group of four city-run health clinics would be handing out free abortion pills as soon as tomorrow in an outlined so-called agenda for “women’s health” across all five boroughs.

“For too long, health and health care has been centered around men,” explained Adams in a news release. “If men had periods, pap smears and menopause, they would get a paid vacation. And if men could get pregnant, we wouldn’t see Congress trying to pass laws restricting abortion.”

Adams, who stated that the city would soon brand itself as the model city for women’s health care,  went into detail in the plan that the clinics dispensing the controversial pill would stand alongside area hospitals that already dispense the bill-based abortion.

These four locations combined could end up giving away close to 10,000 doses of the abortion pills per year designed for women to step around issued with insurance and bill that they could otherwise deal with by going to hospitals.

The recent announcement from the mayor was issued just 24 hours after close to two dozen attorneys general banded together to send out a letter to Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf calling on him to reverse its choice to certify retail pharmacies to dispense abortion pills.

This letter makes the argument that the distribution of abortion-causing drugs ends up being bad for women’s health.

“The Food and Drug Administration’s decision to abandon commonsense restrictions on remotely prescribing and administering abortion-inducing drugs is both illegal and dangerous,” explained the letter. “In direct contravention of longstanding FDA practice and congressional mandate, the FDA’s rollback of important safety restrictions ignores both women’s health and straightforward federal statutes.”

Some medications used to cause abortions, Mifeprex and its generic Mifepristone Tablets, have been approved by officials with the FDA for up to 10 weeks gestation, as a woman’s health risk reportedly skyrockets after that time.

When officials from the FDA first issued approval for mifepristone in 2000, the federal group stated that the medications could cause “serious risks for women, including infection and bleeding,” the letter highlighted.

Officials later put in place a number of restrictions back in 2007 as part of a Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy.

Back in November, a group of four national medical associations and doctors slammed down a lawsuit against the federal government for illegally approving chemical abortion drugs which have been found to “harm” females.



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