Newsom Asks Public For Help With New State Coin

California Governor Gavin Newsom has recently reached out to the public in hopes of designing a new $1 coin to honor the state’s innovations. The governor posed a question to his constituents, asking for input on what they believe are the most significant advancements in California’s history. However, the response from the public has shed light on the negative aspects of the state, rather than the positive ones it was intended to highlight.

When people think of innovation in California, they often think of the technological advancements in Silicon Valley or the state’s dedication to wildlife conservation. However, with recent businesses fleeing the state due to rising crime rates, homelessness, and a high cost of living, the direction of the conversation surrounding California’s achievements has taken an unexpected turn.

Criticism has been directed at Governor Newsom and the state legislature for their failure to address the state’s $73 billion budget deficit. Many point to overspending as the root of the issue. This, coupled with Newsom’s lack of attention to pressing state issues, such as an insurance crisis and affordability crisis, has caused frustration among the public. Instead, Newsom has focused on national campaigns, such as advocating for pro-abortion legislation.

Amid these controversies, Newsom took to social media to gather input from his constituents on what innovations they believe should be featured on the new $1 coin. However, the responses he received were not what he had in mind. Instead of suggestions for positive advancements, there were suggestions for designs that showcased many of the state’s problems. Jim Stanley, press secretary for the State Assembly Republicans, wrote a letter to Newsom highlighting his accomplishments while in office, sarcastically suggesting homelessness and fire should be depicted on the coin.

Other users suggested putting Harvey Weinstein’s face on the coin, referencing Hollywood’s notoriety for sexual assault and misconduct. There were also suggestions for symbols representing high gas prices and the use of drugs. One user even suggested contacting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for advice on how to run a successful state.

The overwhelming negative response to Newsom’s request for coin ideas highlights the frustration of the public with the state’s current state of affairs. The initial intention of honoring California’s innovations has been overshadowed by the constant problems seen within the state. Many believe that this move by Newsom is a misrepresentation of the state, and call it “out of touch and ridiculous.”

As a result of the public’s reaction, Newsom’s request for coin ideas has brought attention to the issues facing California. The discussion has shifted from honoring achievements to addressing concerns. Some suggest that this may be a wake-up call for the governor and the state legislature to prioritize the pressing issues and work towards solutions rather than focusing on superficial prizes.

Newsom’s office has yet to respond to requests for comments on the negative response to his request. However, it is clear that the citizens of California are not pleased with the state’s current leadership and direction. This is evident in the suggestion to highlight Florida’s success under Governor DeSantis, whose policies have been praised by many.


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