North Carolina Teacher Association Makes Insane Choice For Kindergarteners

One teacher’s association in North Carolina has opted to provide resources to a bevy of local schools and daycares in an effort to ring in radical gender theory and teach it to the children.

The North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children (NCAEYC) is known to host a documentary on their website titled, “Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years,”  in which it features a scene with a group of kids between the ages of four and five being taught a lesson on “gender identity” from what seems to be their “non-binary” teacher. The film was recently used in a training session for daycare owners in North Carolina by the NCAEYC, according to a report from Jordan Chamberlain of the Washington Free Beacon.

“This was shown to daycare owners in [North Carolina],” highlighted Chamberlain in a post to her followers on social media. “A teacher used a doll to teach gender identity to 4-5 year olds.”

“When a child brings up ‘non-binary,’ the teachers say it’s ‘a huge testament to how much we’ve been talking about it in the classroom’ and ‘it’s constantly in conversation,'” she continued on.

The highlighted clip, taken from a segment on “diversity” in the 48-minute film, centered on a classroom talk about “gender identity,” which included “non-binary” identities. A teacher who seems to identify as non-binary, Maddie Piper, quickly introduces a doll with the name “Nash” to a group of ten kids, all between the ages of four and five years of age.

“A friend likes to ask the question, ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’” started Piper. “Nash answers, ‘I am just a kid.’”

One of the kids states, “But kids can be boys or girls.”

All prior to another kid quickly adding on, “Or they,” quickly followed by yet another kid who states, “Yeah or maybe non-binary.”

The camera then swaps back out to a team discussion of four educators involved in the documentary, all of whom were happy that one of the kids had mentioned the subject of “non-binary” without it being fed to them.

“I think it was a huge testament to how much we’ve been talking about it in the classroom,” stated one of the educators. “You never mentioned the term ‘non-binary,’ it was a child who brought that up because it’s constantly in conversation,” she added, issued a nod over to Piper.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) along with its various other state affiliates such as North Carolina seem to be quite read and on board with the introduction of this radical gender theory to small children.


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