NY Legislator Intros Bill New Gun Control Bill

The New York state Legislature is currently considering a bill that would ban popular semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Glock. According to The Wall Street Journal, the proposed legislation, which will be introduced by Democratic State Sen. Zellnor Myrie, would require firearms manufacturers to alter their weapons to prevent easy conversion to fully automatic firing. Failure to do so would result in a ban on the pistols.

Sen. Myrie, who represents Brooklyn, claims that “Glock switches” and “pistol converters” pose a threat to his constituents. These parts, which can be created using 3D printers, are the latest target of New York legislators, who have previously banned “ghost guns” and bump stocks. The bill aims to address this issue by requiring manufacturers to modify their firearms to prevent easy conversion.

A supporter of the bill, the gun-control group Everytown, hailed it as a necessary step in protecting the public. The group claims that Glock has been aware of the conversion capabilities of their pistols for decades and that this is a refusal to address the issue. Currently, it is illegal under federal law to possess a fully automatic firearm that is not registered under the National Firearms Act.

Glock is one of the most popular firearms manufacturers in the United States, with their Glock 19X selling over 100,000 units since its release in 2018. The company has not yet responded to requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation. The NRA, on the other hand, did not immediately respond to requests for comment as well.

The proposed bill comes on the heels of a Supreme Court decision in June 2022 that invalidated New York’s “good cause” requirement for pistol permits. In his opinion, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas cited historical gun laws and the debate around the ratification of the 14th Amendment as reasons for New York’s concealed carry law being unconstitutional.

Gun Owners of America Vice President Erich Pratt voiced opposition to the bill, stating that “New York has a crime crisis on their hands, and it’s not being fueled by converted Glocks.” He argues that the state’s failure to prosecute criminals is the issue at hand, not the design of firearms. Pratt also notes that the bill will only further disarm law-abiding citizens and do nothing to stop criminals from using automatic weapons.

The NRA has had a contentious relationship with New York officials, with Democratic Attorney General Letitia James suing the organization in August 2020 in an attempt to dissolve it. The case was dismissed by a New York judge in March 2022, ruling that James did not have the authority to seek dissolution of the NRA.

As the proposed bill makes its way through the New York State Legislature, it remains to be seen how both sides of the debate will receive it. Supporters believe it will make the public safer by preventing the easy conversion of semi-automatic pistols into fully automatic weapons. Opponents argue that it does nothing to address the root causes of crime and may further disarm law-abiding citizens. As the debate continues, it is clear that gun control remains a contentious issue in the United States.


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