Pentagon Issues Odd Statements About Tucker Carlson Leaving

It‘s been two weeks since former Fox News host Tucker Carlson wasblindsided by his firing, yet he appears to be making the most of his newfound freedom. Carlson was seen leaving his home in Boca Grande on Tuesday night, looking relaxed and in good spirits, and he told the Daily Mailretirement is going great so far.

The exiting Fox News host has been taking advantage of the newfound time with his family and enjoying the sun. However, his future plans are uncertain, as Carlson and his legal team work on his exit package.

Though Carlson‘s future is uncertain, his departure from Fox News has been celebrated by the Pentagon brass. A senior defense official told Politico,Were a better country without him bagging on our military every night in front of hundreds of thousands of people. The official went on to say that Carlsonmade a mockery of the free press and used his platform tocherrypick department policies and use them to destroy DoD [Department of Defense] as an institution.

Not everyone was pleased with Tucker Carlson‘s departure from Fox News. Johnny Burtka, the president and CEO of the Intercollege Studies Institute and former executive editor of the noninterventionist American Conservative, praised Carlson for his role in preventing a potential war with Iran. Burtka quoted an Associated Piece (AP) which read,[Trump] told confidants in recent days that Carlsons strong advocacy not to escalate the situation in Iran played a role in his decisionmaking, two White House officials and Republicans close to the West Wing told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Dan Caldwell, a vice president for the conservative Center for Renewing America, echoed this sentiment, writing,Important thread from @johnnyburtka. In 2020, Tucker played a decisive role in stopping a war with Iran that could have led to the loss of 1000s of American lives and trillions more $$ wasted in the Middle East. We should all be thankful for that.

It‘s clear that while some may have celebrated Tucker Carlson‘s exit from Fox News, he certainly wasn‘t the only one who will miss the powerhouse host. Carlson‘s outspoken opinions and commitment to restraint and peace served as a beacon of light in an otherwise tumultuous news cycle. While Carlson‘s future remains uncertain, the United States can be thankful for the role he played in preventing a potential war with Iran.


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