Rubio Sits Down For Interview On CNN

Let’s delve into an interesting exchange that took place on CNN’s “State of the Union” involving Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and host Dana Bash. The conversation revolved around the narrative that former President Donald Trump is a fascist and authoritarian figure who, if re-elected, would unconstitutionally seize dictatorial power and end American democracy.

For nearly a decade, Democrats and media activists have propagated this fear, suggesting that Trump’s return to the White House would spell disaster for the country’s democratic principles. However, Rubio provided some historical context to challenge this narrative.

Bash questioned Rubio about the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity, suggesting that it empowers the president beyond constitutional limits. Rubio responded by explaining that the ruling became necessary due to the perceived weaponization of the Justice Department against Trump. This context seemed to ruffle some feathers, prompting Bash to defend President Joe Biden.

Bash claimed that Trump has vowed to go after Joe Biden and his family, something she asserted Biden has never done.

Rubio countered, “Donald Trump has said that — no, he hasn’t. I watched the debate … and he was asked, and he said, ‘My vengeance will be winning and restoring America — making America great again.’ He has repeatedly said that his revenge will be to make America great again, to undo all [of the Biden administration’s] bad public policies.”

Rubio then highlighted a historical fact that undermines the argument that Trump would act as a fascist dictator if re-elected.

“By the way, he was president for four years. He didn’t go after Hillary Clinton. He didn’t go after Joe Biden. He didn’t go after Barack Obama. He didn’t go after any of their consultants,” Rubio pointed out. “We didn’t see under him what we’re seeing now.”

Despite this, Bash pressed Rubio to essentially guarantee that Trump would not target Democrats or political opponents if he were to win again. Rubio assured, “Yes, he was president before, and he didn’t do it then. He’s already said that he wouldn’t do that. He will be too busy undoing all the damage of this disastrous presidency.”

Rubio also noted that during Trump’s presidency from 2017–2021, no prominent Democrat was “chased around, persecuted, prosecuted,” drawing a contrast with the current administration’s actions.


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