The CCP Just Thoroughly Embarrass Biden

What happens when a U.S. president seeks to grovel at the feet of a Chinese dictatorship? The obvious answer is an embarrassment for the United States, and President Joe Biden learned this the hard way on Sunday when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) snubbed Secretary of State Antony Blinken during his visit to the hostile nation.

On Saturday, Biden arrived in Philadelphia, PA, to do a joint presser with Sen. John Fetterman. But before his trainwreck of an appearance, the president made a shocking comment while exiting Air Force One. Specifically, Biden defended the CCP‘s balloon that traversed much of the continental United States by claiming that Chinese leadership wasn’t even aware of what the balloon was doing.

This shameless, dishonest groveling at the feet of the Chinese dictatorship obviously did nothing to ease tensions, and it only made the situation worse when Blinken arrived in the adversarial nation on Sunday. In an act of disrespect and embarrassment for the United States, the CCP rolled out minimal pomp and circumstance for Blinken when traditional protocol calls for the foreign counterpart, usually for the one the diplomat is there to negotiate with, to be in attendance at the arrival.

As it stands, the CCP sees Biden as weak and ineffective which is not surprising given the president‘s history of groveling before those in power. Biden‘s actions on Saturday only served to further this reputation and make his already weak position in dealing with U.S.-China relations even worse.

If anything, what all of this has done is show that the United States has taken the position of a vassal state for a genocidal regime. It‘s certainly fair to keep asking why Biden has taken this position toward China, especially given his family‘s corrupt dealings with the nation.

What‘s clear after Biden‘s groveling and Sunday‘s snub from the CCP is that the president is completely unequipped to handle U.S.-China relations. The current state of affairs is not just concerning, it‘s outright dangerous and Xi Jinping is no doubt reveling in Biden‘s failure.


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