Viral Video Erupts Age Old Debate

A heated debate is raging online over a pricey birthday dinner gone awry. The scene took place at an upscale restaurant in Atlanta, where Tiktok creator Vicgotti and his friends had gathered for a lavish meal that came with a staggering $4,600 tab.

The incident was captured on camera and posted on TikTok and then shared on Twitter, where a context label was added suggesting it was staged.

Viccgotti, who enjoys 1.4 million followers, can be seen in the video arguing why he should only pay for what he ate.

The woman celebrating her birthday is refusing to accept that arrangement and can be seen exclaiming, “It’s my f***ing birthday, why the f*** should I have to pay for something on my birthday?”

While Vicgotti argued that he could not pay for something he didn’t order, another male friend in the restaurant, dressed in a vibrant pink suit, proclaimed, “We come out together we split the bill. Period!”

A third man then enters into the conversation, arguing that the food items were of varying prices – prompting Vicgotti to point out his fellow diners’ expensive orders.

The debate sparked an online frenzy as people weighed in on their thoughts of appropriate etiquette.

One user wrote, “I’m never going to argue over splitting a bill. I’m simply going to pay for MY food order & tip, contribute what I want to the bday person, and leave.”

Another commented, “Y’all should’ve had that established before sitting down,” referring to the issue of splitting the bill.

Others focused on the boisterous behavior in the pricey eatery, with one user writing, “The yelling in a fancy restaurant is killing me.”

The raucous scenario eventually came to an end as Viccgotti made it clear that he would be paying for his own dinner.

In another video, he revealed his strained relationship with his friend, now that the epic restaurant showdown had taken place – clarifying that he had declared that “they can split if they want to but we’re not here for that.”

The uncomfortable altercation has since become a viral sensation – sparking a debate regarding the boundaries for dining out with large groups.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that any kind of celebration should be a positive experience for all involved. The age old adage “treat others how you’d like to be treated” still applies even in the most unconventional scenarios.


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