WH’s Latest Excuse For Economic Turmoil Is Something Else

Twoandahalf years into President Joe Biden‘s term, it‘s clear that Americans are less than thrilled with his economic policies, which he promised wouldbuild back better.”

The latest polling averages from RealClear Politics show that Biden‘s overall job approval is more than ten points underwater, with 53 percent saying they disapprove of his performance. On his handling of the economy, Americans have an even worse opinion of Biden; just 39.2 percent approve of Biden‘s economic policies while 56.3 percent disapprove.

This week, the White House embarked on a campaign to try to highlight Biden‘s economic policies, under the label ofBidenomics,” in an effort to turn public opinion in their favor. But when asked to explain why Biden‘s allegedly great policies haven‘t won over the people, Acting Press Secretary Olivia Dalton claimed in Tuesday‘s press briefing that the impact of Biden‘s economic policiesjust hasn‘t kicked in yet.” Americans, however, appear to have recognized the need to reverse Biden‘s policies for the economy to get better.

The administration claims that in order to evaluate the effects ofBidenomics people shouldlook at where we were when he came into officeafter four years of Donald Trump.” Well, here‘s a look at the actual numbers: in January 2021, the Consumer Price Index showed the annual growth of inflation at 1.4 percent, and in May 2021, under Biden, it spiked to 8.9 percent before falling back to its current rate of 4.0 percent almost double the Federal Reserve‘s target of two percent inflation.

The White House is not willing to accept responsibility for either the consequences of Biden‘s economic policies or the fact that reversing them is the only way to quickly solve the issue of Americans growing dissatisfaction with the president‘s management of the economy.

Though the White House continues to deny the effects of Biden‘s policies on the economy, it‘s clear that Americans understand that they are worse off economically since Biden took office. Instead of admitting this to be the case, the White House is desperately trying to spin the situation in order to make Biden look better and protect his fragile approval ratings.

It‘s unclear whether Biden‘s latest push forBidenomics will be successful, but it‘s likely that Americans will continue to be unimpressed and that his approval ratings will remain lower than where he would like them to be. Unless he is willing to acknowledge the problems with his current approach and make changes, thebuild back better rhetoric he campaigned on will remain nothing more than empty promises.


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