Dems Pounce To Charge GOP Senator Over Hunter Biden Pic

Republican state Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona is facing possible criminal charges after posting explicit images of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter on social media. The tweet, which was posted to her 300,000 Twitter followers, was eventually removed.

Senator Rogers, a staunch defender of former President Donald Trump, shared the images of Hunter Biden as part of a tweet that said “It’s all here in black and white. Oh, and apparently in NBC living color.”

Tom Ryan, an Arizona lawyer, claims that Senator Rogers may have breached Arizona’s revenge porn law after posting the explicit images. Speaking to Arizona’s Family, he said “It’s not a defense if she later took them down … Any more than it would be a defense if you robbed a Circle K and later gave the money back, you don’t get to wipe out the robbery.”

State Senate President Warren Petersen released a statement that said that Senator Rogers had not realized that the explicit images were contained in the footage which she posted on Twitter. He said, “Rogers didn’t realize those images were in that video until it was brought to her attention, and she immediately removed the video from her feed.”

This is not the first time Senator Rogers has found herself in hot water. Last year she was censured by the Senate for making a pre-recorded white nationalist speech that called for her “enemies” to be hung from the gallows. At the same time, she was also pushing for a bill that would ban anyone under the age of 18 from accessing pornographic material.

The images of Hunter Biden were recently posted onto an online database by a right-wing nonprofit organization. The website contained 8,864 images, many of which were explicit in nature.

The images span from 2008 until 2019 and were taken all over the world. In addition to the explicit images, the laptop also contained a bag of cocaine, leading to former President Donald Trump’s suggestion that the drugs belonged to Biden and his son.

Hunter Biden is also currently caught up in a bitter legal battle with stripper Lunden Roberts over his four-year-old daughter Navy Joan. Sources told that Biden is now hoping to build a relationship with his young daughter and that the White House has chosen not to acknowledge Navy Joan as one of the President’s grandchildren.

While Senator Rogers has yet to make a statement about the allegations, her actions have prompted cries of outrage from many members of the public. However, only time will tell if she will face any legal repercussions.


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