Dismissal Of Arizona Election Lawsuit Forces Response From Kari Lake

Kari Lake, the Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, recently initiated an appeal against the Tuesday ruling from a Maricopa County judge to fully dismiss her lawsuit, which attempted to challenge the loss they suffered against Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs.

Lake officially filed a notice of appeal within the Arizona Superior Court, which would attempt to fight two separate counts heard in court over the course of two days in a trial last week and eight others previously dismissed by Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson. The dismissal of both counts was in relation to allegations of intentional misconduct from ballot printers malfunctioning and an overt failure to go along with standard ballot chain-of-custody procedures.

It was reported by The Hill that the filing from Lake stated that she would “seek direct review by the Arizona Supreme Court.”

Lake expressed to Steven Bannon, former president Donald Trump’s adviser, while speaking on his “War Room” show that she plans to push in her appeal this week.

“I am standing up for the people of this state, the people who were done wrong on Election Day, and the millions of people who live outside of Maricopa County, whose vote was watered down by this bogus election in Maricopa County,” explained Lake while speaking on the “War Room” podcast with Stephen Bannon.

An area that encompasses the capital of Phoenix and is marked as the most populated county in the state, Maricopa County displayed a number of problems back on the November 8th election day, including issues with the tabulation machines and printer issues in at least 70 of the 223 polling locations for the county.

Lake has made the claim that over 59% of the voting centers experienced some form of tabulator breakdowns on Election Day.

The suit from Lake stated that thousands of Republican voters were heavily disenfranchised, claiming “hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots infected the election in Maricopa County.”

Despite this, the results highlighted that Lake lost the race by close to 17,000 votes despite the claims she made.

Formerly a journalist that chose to run a campaign putting extreme emphasis on election integrity, Lake issued her appeal in the wake of a judge putting out a ruling on Tuesday which denied sanctions against her created by Hobbs for attempting to overturn the results of the governor’s race from last month.

On Monday, Hobbs and Maricopa County filed motions to initiate sanctions against Lake and her legal team, which could result in almost $700,000 in fines to deal with attorneys’ fees and costs, as explained by an estimate from an AZ Law blog.


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