Gov. Abbott Urged To Respond To Soros-Backed DA Conviction

In the wake of the shooting and killing a man brandishing an AK-47 at a Black Lives Matter protest back in 2020, Daniel Perry was officially found guilty of murder by a jury late last week out in Texas.

Perry had then been charged with both murder and aggravated assaults with a deadly weapon for the shooting of Garrett Foster back in 2020. However, Perry, who made a case of self-defense, ended up being convicted of the murder charge while being found not guilty on the charge of aggravated assault.

Directly in the wake of the incident, Perry was not charged with any crimes at all, but when District Attorney Jose Garza took over the office in 2021 he elected to try and prosecute Perry. Garza is just one of a large number of district attorneys that had their campaigns mostly backed by George Soros, a billionaire Democrat megadonor.

As the lead investigating detective for the case, David Fugitt stated in a 2021 affidavit that Garza acted out with “criminal behavior” in the case.

“I had several conversations with the District Attorney’s Office regarding the presentation of exculpatory evidence related to Daniel Perry,” stated Fugitt. “It became clear to me that the District Attorney’s Office did not want to present evidence to the grand jury that would be exculpatory to Daniel Perry.”

“On more than one occasion I was directed by the Travis County Attorney’s Office to remove exculpatory information that I had intended to present to the grand jury during my testimony,” he stated. “Of my original 158 slide powerpoint presentation, the presentation was reduced to 56 slides with almost all of the exculpatory evidence ordered removed. I felt like I did not have any other options but to comply with their orders.”

Fugitt stated that Garza’s order to block all exculpatory evidence from being shown throughout the case “is when the conduct of the District Attorney’s Office [went] from highly unethical behavior to criminal behavior.”

Fugitt also stated that Garza’s office “tampered” with him as a witness in what would be classified as a criminal manner.

A large number of calls flooded into Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) late last week pushing the governor to issue a pardon to Perry regarding the new ruling.

A social media post from Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) read, “Governor Abbott, don’t let a Soros-owned Austin liberal DA destroy our justice system in Texas. You need to PARDON Daniel Perry IMMEDIATELY!”

“Everyone needs to let⁦ @GregAbbott_TX ⁩ know about the atrocity of the Daniel Perry prosecution,” expressed Mike Cernovich, another political commentator, via Twitter. “Soros DA has made self-defense illegal in Texas. What will Gov Abbott do?”

Attorney Kurt Schlichter chimed in to add, “Over 12 hours and nothing here about the grave injustice done to Daniel Perry. What the hell, @GregAbbott_TX ?”


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