Governor DeSantis Tore Into A New Bill Attempting To Forcibly Create A Registry Of Political Bloggers

Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida, recently chose to tear into a newly announced bill brought forth by a fellow Republican that would make it a requirement for anyone who writes about politics to officially register with the state government.

Vocal critics of the governor have attempted to attach the legislation to him, but DeSantis was quick to set the record straight this past Tuesday with the press by explaining that he had absolutely nothing to do with the bill that had been filed by state Sen. Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford). DeSantis, who alongside his various staff members has often went toe to toe with the press, stated that he does not at all support the new bill.

“Every person in the legislature can file bills,” stated DeSantis. “I see these people filing bills and there are these articles with my face on the article saying that bloggers are going to have to register with the state and they’re attributing it to me.”

“That’s not anything I’ve ever supported, I don’t support,” he went on. “I’ve been very clear about what we are doing. … I don’t control every single bill that has been filed.”


Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich also went after Brodeur because of this proposal and pushed for him to officially withdraw it soon.

“The idea that bloggers criticizing a politician should register with the government is insane,” explained Gingrich. “It is an embarrassment that it is a Republican state legislator in Florida who introduced a bill to that effect. He should withdraw it immediately.”

The comments from DeSantis took place in the wake of his delivering the annual State of the State address to the Florida legislature and residents of the state.

As part of his recent address, DeSantis put the spotlight on Florida’s success when it comes to being the quickest-growing state in the nation and ranking first in the U.S. for a number of categories, including new business formations, economic growth among large states, tourism, law enforcement recruitment, education freedom, parental involvement in education, public higher education system, and space-related development, manufacturing, and flight.

“But now’s not the time to rest on our laurels,” he stated. “We have the opportunity and indeed the responsibility to swing for the fences so that we can ensure Florida remains number one.”

“Don’t worry about the chattering class,” expressed DeSantis in what seemed to be a reference to those talking about a possible 2024 presidential run for DeSantis. “Ignore all the background noise. Keep the compass set to true north. We will stand strong. We will hold the line. We won’t back down. And I can promise you this, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


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