Florida Rep. Steube Speaks About Plans For His Return To Congress

Greg Steube, a Republican Congressman from Florida, issued a statement this past Wednesday expressing that he is now cleared to return to work in the wake of being injured due to falling off of his roof.

Steube stated in an announcement made via social media this past Wednesday evening that his medical team officially cleared him to fly, which means that he would be able to make the trip back to Washington, D.C., later this month. Back in January, Steube fell off the roof of his home in Sarasota some 25 feet to the ground. Despite being medically confined to his residence, Steube has been an active legislator.

“I’m happy to report my doctor has cleared me to fly,” stated Teube in the release. “I am looking forward to returning to D.C. later this month!”

Quite a few of Seube’s colleagues spoke out to send their well wishes in response to his social media post.

“Great news! Looking forward to having you back!” stated one prominent Floridian colleague, Rep. Neal Dunn (R-FL).

“Great news! Looking forward to having you back,” chimed in Rep. Rich McCormick (R-GA).

Back on the 18th of January, Steube fell 25 feet from a ladder while doing chores around his home. As reported by Fox News at that time, he had been cutting branches from a tree when one slammed into the ladder and collapsed it. He ended up being rescued by Darrell Woodie, who is a delivery driver that also happens to work part-time as a field staffer for Rep. Vern Buchanan, a colleague of Steube whose district borders his own. Reportedly, Woodie stated that he made the trip to Steube’s home to congratulate him on securing his re-election, and when he spotted the fall he called 911.

He ended up being hospitalized, included in which was an overnight stay inside of the ICU, prior to being sent home to recover on January 21st. After a period of four days at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Steube posted a picture to social media of himself in his home, still sporting the stabilizing brace around his neck, as he sat on a couch near his dogs while he spoke about how his recovery was going.

“I am blessed to have a great support team in my wife Jennifer as well as numerous friends and family, including the Steube pups” he explained in a tweet sent out on January 23rd. “Grateful for everyone’s prayers and well-wishes as I recover from a fractured pelvis, a punctured lung, and several torn ligaments in my neck.”

“While I will be sidelined in Sarasota for several weeks, I will be carrying out as many of my congressional duties as possible,” he stated. “And our D.C. and district staff continue to be readily available to assist Floridians in FL-17.”

“I’m eager to rejoin my colleagues in Washington as soon as possible!” he finished off.


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