Former CNN Host Comments On Potato

After working as a journalist at The New York Times, Brian Stelter joined CNN in 2013 as the network’s chief media correspondent and anchor of “Reliable Sources.” Throughout his career, Stelter has faced his fair share of criticism and bullying, but one incident in particular stood out to him.

During his podcast, Stelter recalled receiving a potato in the mail from a Fox News viewer, which he says came as a result of being compared to potatoes and the fictional character “Humpy Dumpty.”

Stelter explained that he had been given the nickname “Humpy Dumpty” by individuals in the “Fox universe” and that the potato was a targeted message from viewers of the network. He went on to say that the derogatory nickname evolved into “Brian’s a potato,” and when he receives random tweets referring to him as a “spud,” he knows that they are part of the “in-group” who share the same views as the Fox News community.

According to Stelter, the potato was not just a harmless joke, but also an insult. He believes that it was a way for individuals to communicate with each other that they are a part of the “in-group” who support the network. Since leaving CNN in August 2022 due to the network’s editorial direction change, Stelter has been involved in various media projects, including freelancing for various publications and continuing to lecture at Harvard.

His latest venture, however, saw him entering the political arena by running for a seat on the Readington Township, New Jersey, school board earlier this year. Stelter’s decision to run for office caused controversy, with some questioning his qualifications and others accusing him of using the school board as a stepping stone for a future political career. Despite the backlash, Stelter campaigned on a platform of transparency and accountability, promising to be a voice for parents and students.

As part of his campaign, Stelter also addressed the issue of bullying in schools, drawing from his own experience as a target of online bullying. He shared that he wants to work towards creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students and promoting inclusivity and diversity in the school district. However, Stelter lost the election, coming in fourth out of five candidates.

Throughout his career, Stelter has been a vocal advocate for fair and accurate reporting, but he has also been a target of criticism and bullying, especially from those who support Fox News. Despite this, he remains determined to continue spreading awareness about media issues and promoting responsible journalism. He currently hosts his own podcast, where he engages in open and honest conversations about the media landscape and the importance of media literacy.

In a recent interview, Stelter shared that he hopes his experience with the potato incident will help shed light on the harmful effects of online bullying and encourage others to speak out against it. He believes that it is crucial to address and stand up against all forms of bullying, whether it be in the media or in schools. As for the potato that was mailed to him, Stelter says he no longer lets it affect him and instead uses it as a reminder to continue advocating for a more inclusive and respectful society.


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