Trump Not Allowed To Attend Barron’s Graduation

Former President Donald Trump made a dramatic appearance at the Lower Manhattan courthouse on Monday, as jury selection began in his highly anticipated criminal trial. This marks the first time a former U.S. president has stood trial for criminal charges, and with Trump also being a presumptive nominee for the upcoming election, all eyes are on this historic case.

In a revealing speech outside the courthouse, Trump voiced his frustration after Judge Juan Merchan informed him that attending his son Barron’s high school graduation could result in jail time. This ruling is part of the continued restrictions imposed on Trump amidst his ongoing legal battles. Trump expressed disappointment at not being able to attend his son’s graduation after all of his hard work and also linked this setback to a critical upcoming Supreme Court hearing.

Trump then went on to denounce the trial, calling it a “scam” and a “political witch hunt.” He cited legal pundits and scholars who have stated that the case should not have been brought to court. Trump also criticized the judge’s decision to allow testimony from individuals who have alleged relationships with him. He called this a continuation of the “scam trial” and stated that it is just another attempt by the “radical left Democrats” to interfere with his campaign.

The trial has already seen its fair share of drama, with Judge Merchan ruling that the controversial “Access Hollywood” tape cannot be shown to jurors. However, testimony from individuals who have claimed to have had affairs with Trump has been allowed. In addition, prosecutors are seeking penalties against Trump for allegedly violating a gag order.

Trump appeared visibly upset by the restrictions being placed on him, stating that he should be campaigning in key states like Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. He also expressed his concerns that these limitations are playing into the hands of his opponents and giving them an advantage in the upcoming election.

One key development to watch will be the financial disclosures of Trump’s fundraising committees, which are due to be submitted on Monday. These reports will provide insights into how much money Trump is raising and spending, as well as the breakdown of where these funds are going. Notably, Trump primarily raises money through joint fundraising committees that benefit both his campaign and his leadership PAC. It will also be interesting to see how much these committees are spending on fundraising efforts, compared to the amount that goes toward their affiliates.

Two new entities, the Trump 47 Committee, and the Trump National Committee, will also be reporting their financials for the first time. These groups, which include Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee, have the ability to accept larger donations, potentially giving Trump a significant financial boost. Additionally, the main super PAC supporting Trump is also expected to file its financial reports, providing more insights into the financial aspects of Trump’s campaign.

Overall, with this criminal trial and ongoing legal battles, it is clear that former President Trump continues to face challenges and obstacles as he prepares for a potential comeback in the next election. Monday’s filings, along with the developments in the trial, will provide further insights into the current state of Trump’s campaign and the narrative surrounding his potential return to the White House.


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